4 New Social Media Features Every Marketer Should Know in 2021

Social media is an effective marketing tool that can help build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. It’s crucial to stay updated with the latest features to make you stay ahead of the competition. Below are the latest social media features in 2021 that may help boost your brand’s success.

1. Facebook Advertising 

Facebook is currently testing a new feature wherein users can see more information about paid promotions. Facebook now tells online users information about the advertiser such as business location, page followers, user check-ins, and so much. Considering that most customers today value brand transparency, this will be a huge benefit for Facebook and businesses. This will also help change the misrepresentation among the advertising ecosystem. 

If your brand sets up Facebook advertising campaigns, this new feature might benefit you in two ways. First, it gives a customer a glimpse of who your brand is which will help increase brand awareness. Second, customers will trust your brand easily if they see that you have a high following. However, if you’re still trying to increase your followers, we suggest that you immediately take your social media marketing to the next level. If you need help with social media marketing, Parachute is here for you. We have a team of social media marketing experts who can help you increase your social media followers and engagement. 

2. Twitter Professional Accounts

Twitter has introduced two great features for businesses. You can now apply for a new Professional Profile on Twitter. With this new feature, you can  display your business information such as your location, business category, and working hours. You will also be able to include a ‘Shop’ or ‘Newsletter’ button. 

A lot of Twitter users interact with brands and engage in conversations about products and services. This is a huge opportunity for you to stand out, enhance your brand identity, and provide a better user experience for customers. 

3. Connect WhatsApp Business to Instagram Ads

Last September, Instagram launched a new feature wherein brands can connect their WhatsApp Business account to their Instagram Ads. This enables you to add a new button on your ad to direct your customers to your Whatsapp business account. Facebook is also trying a new ad messaging process wherein a few FAQ’s from customers will appear when customers try to message a brand. This will enhance user experience and will surely be a big deal in digital marketing since Facebook found that 75% of adults prefer to communicate with businesses via messaging. Furthermore, you can also boost your Instagram posts to drive customers to message you on Whatsapp. 

4. TikTok E-commerce

People have been enjoying TikTok lately because of its ability to provide entertainment via short videos. Since the #TikTokmademebuyit became trending, the app has started to outline more monetization opportunities. Your brand will also be able to target and make more conversions considering how great Tiktok’s algorithm is at understanding what users like. If TikTok does officially announce their new e-commerce feature, lots of brands will be given a chance to produce more genuine, entertaining, and engaging ads. 

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