5 E-commerce Trends To Watch Out For in 2022

The E-commerce industry in Dubai is evolving rapidly – there are always several new trends that come up that can help your business grow and compete with your competitors. Since the global pandemic, we have witnessed how global E-commerce sales stood at a gigantic $4.3 trillion in 2020 (Statista). We believe that in 2022, E-commerce businesses in Dubai will continue to rise due to demand. Here are the top 5 E-commerce trends to watch out for in 2022. 

1. Augmented Reality (AR) 

Customers expect brands to adopt the latest technologies to make their shopping experiences better. Today, people don’t want to guess what a bed they found online would look like in their bedroom or what a shade of lipstick would look on them. Around 71% of consumers agree that they’ll shop more often from E-commerce brands that use AR (Customer Think).  

If you’re an E-commerce business, you should consider actively adding AR to your strategy to encourage customers to virtually “try on” a product. By doing this, you can save your customers time and money and you can showcase how your product would fit them in real life. Using AR will also give you a competitive advantage since an estimate of over 120,000 stores will be using AR in 2002 (Entrepreneur). 

2. Social Media Channels as Sales Channel 

Social media platforms have billions of global audiences. Since the Metaverse is coming soon, we can expect that E-commerce will continue to evolve in social media. Social media has become central to our lives and over 90% of customers use social media to research a brands’ products and services (Marketing Dive). Since Mark Zuckerberg has announced Metaverse, we expect to see an increase in live shopping on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and so much more. 

3. Better Payment Options 

Since the growth of E-commerce in Dubai, customers have become more concerned about payment options. Customers want to be able to pay immediately in a secure way. Many companies, most notably Amazon, have started to use the single click payment method. The main idea is to shorten the customer journey by not having to go checkout carts, fill out payment forms, etc. This is done by replacing confidential bank card data with a unique token that allows customers to pay online without entering their card details. 

4. Voice Search 

There has been an increase in the number of transactions of voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Okay Google in Dubai. Customers use them for every little thing such as playing songs, checking the news, and buying products online. We believe that brands need to inculcate reliable and smart voice technologies into their E-commerce strategies. Being able to purchase a product or a service from smart speakers will give customers a hands-free and effortless shopping experience that they would truly appreciate. 

5. Chat Bots 

Chatbots have been trending in the E-commerce industry for years now and will continue to do so because of the personalization they offer. E-commerce websites in Dubai can benefit from chatbots to make customers feel less alienated from the store. Although it’s still better to have an actual customer representative, chatbots can still facilitate communication with thousands of customers. A growing number of shoppers also prefer to converse with bots as they provide easy accessibility and prompt responses. We can expect chatbots to continue to evolve and contribute top-notch experiences to customers. 

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