5 Mobile App Trends To Watch Out For in 2022

The future of mobile apps is brighter than ever. Today, mobile apps are no longer limited to simple purposes such as playing games, editing pictures or making calls. The mobile app development industry has been constantly evolving and is expected to have global revenue of $44.3 billion by 2027. Here are 5 mobile app trends you need to watch out for in 2022:

1. Apps for Foldable Devices 

Remember those days when everyone had a flip phone? Mobile phone designs have drastically changed over the past decade but since 2020 foldable devices have started to make a comeback. Considering how brands like Samsung, Huawei and other mobile companies are releasing foldable devices, we can predict that mobile app developers will be creating more apps that seamlessly adjust their display as the screen folds or unfolds. A forecast by Statista claims that more than 50 million people are expected to own a foldable device by 2022. Therefore, mobile app developers will also need to plan and redesign apps accordingly.

2. Mobile Commerce 

The mobile commerce trend has been dominating 2021 and will continue to thrive in 2022. Most brands are leveraging mobile apps to increase revenue from retailers, large brands, and startups. It’s predicted that 187.5 million customers around the globe will be shopping via smartphones (Shopify). Therefore, more brands are expected to create mobile apps that feature mobile commerce to meet the wants of consumers and to be able to stay competitive in their industry. It will be very interesting to see how brands will launch apps that drive sales while competing with e-commerce giants like Amazon. 

3. AR and VR 

The AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) era has just started. A lot of brands across the world are already using AR and VR in their marketing strategies. But in 2022, it is expected that AR and VR will not just be available on websites and social media platforms but also on mobile apps. Brands will need to innovate and think of ways on how they can take advantage of AR and VR apps that allow them to promote their products or services. People these days are all about convenience and experiences, therefore, brands who adapt to AR and VR trends can definitely expect growth in sales. 

4. Wearable App Integration 

Wearable technology is progressively growing all around the globe. Wearable devices such as Apple Watch, Google Smart, and more wearables have successfully captured the market by simplifying people’s lives. With technology advancement, brands and developers can produce wearable apps that will allow consumers to make purchases with just a few simple taps. Wearable apps will open a lot of business opportunities for digital marketers to enhance user experience. It is also expected that wearable apps will be able to help brands gather more data from consumers such as behavioral patterns and locations of the target audience. 

5. Voice Search 

Voice search will also become an essential part of mobile apps. Today, 40% of consumers use voice search to purchase something every month (Wordstream). Therefore, brands and developers need to consider how to integrate voice search on their mobile apps to increase customer engagement and convenience. 

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