6 Key Aspects of Mobile SEO

Did you know that people spend 70% of their internet time on mobile? This means that if your website doesn’t look good on mobiles – you’ll risk losing an abundance of leaders for your business. To succeed as a brand, you need to know the key aspects of mobile SEO. 

Mobile SEO is the practice of optimizing your website for users on smartphones and tablets. Mobile optimization also includes making your site resources accessible to search engine spiders. Here are six aspects of mobile SEO that every brand should consider. 

1. Utilize SEO Tools 

If you want to work on your mobile SEO, you need to become familiar with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and other SEO tools. SEO tools will be a big help if you want to find out how your site is doing in the search results. For instance, in Search Console – you’ll be able to see how mobile and desktop users use words to find what they need. You need to find out what users are searching for so you can target the right words. 

2. Make Sure Google Can Access and Crawl Everything 

One of the most important steps towards mobile optimization is to let Googlebot access and crawl JavaScript, CSS, and images on your website. Try using the “URL inspection tool in Google Search Console and see if there are any issues with your page. Tackle all those issues to see an improvement in your website’s performance and Google rankings. 

3. Integrate Responsive Design 

A responsive design is a crucial component of creating a mobile-friendly website. When you use a responsive design, you’re ensuring that your website adapts to any device a user uses. Whether it’s a smartphone or tablet – it’s your responsibility to give the best mobile experiences for your customers. Integrating a responsive design will make it easier for your audience to browse your site and access the information they are looking for. Parachute has a team of web designers with 10+ years of experience who would love to help you create a responsive website. Get in touch now. 

4. Research Mobile Keywords 

You can never overestimate the importance of keyword research for SEO. You must keep in mind that you need to have strong and right keywords both for mobile and desktop. How you show up for mobile keywords vs. desktop keywords can be different – and this can be different for each location you are optimized for as well. So if you haven’t been focusing on mobile keywords, you should start looking into it right away. SEMrush has a feature where you can research mobile keywords separately and compare them to desktop keywords. You can also easily learn about your competitors’ in a mobile segment too. 

5. Create a Seamless Experience 

According to Google, 63% of people expect seamless website experiences from brands but only 42% believe they get it. Your website should be customer-focused, therefore, while creating your content and your website – you need to put yourselves in your customers’ position. Since mobile devices have smaller screen sizes, it’s important to keep your website content as concise and meaningful as possible. You also need to follow all on-page factors like optimizing your titles and meta descriptions and more for the best results. 

6. Work with an SEO Agency in Dubai 

Instead of worrying and stressing about your Mobile SEO – work with an SEO agency. When you work with an SEO agency in Dubai like Parachute – you’re not only hiring an individual but a group of digital marketing and SEO experts who can guarantee you the results your business wants. Contact us today for a free SEO consultation. 

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