7 Principles of a Good Web Design

The success of any website entirely depends on how good its web design is. Since your website is the face of your business both here in Dubai and around the world, most potential customers will visit your site before they ever look in on your store, it becomes inevitable to get your website designed cautiously. Lacking in any aspect could end up demolishing your brand impression. 

Web page design is more critical than you think. Despite using a great conversion boosting strategy, you may not do much if it looks poor in quality. This is why it’s important to know the principles of good website design. 

1. Consistency 

A good website design showcases consistency. First, the website must be consistent with the brand. All aspects of branding such as fonts, colors, logo, tone of voice and so much more needs to be consistent. But more importantly, your promises as a business should also be consistent with your actions. You never want to be one of those businesses that are all talk but can never produce quantifiable results for their clients. 

2. Purpose

You need to remember that your website is mainly for your users and not for your business. At the end of the day, your website needs to cater to the needs of your users. Are your web visitors looking for information, entertainment, some type of interaction? Every page of your website needs to have a clear purpose and needs to fulfill a specific need for your website users in the most effective way possible. 

3. Direct User Attention 

So you’ve managed to bring your people to your website – awesome! Now how do you keep their attention? Again, through a good website design! A good web design uses visual and written cues to lead the user’s gaze and keep them curious to find out more. Research what your customers are interested in and give it to them on your website. The goal is to guide the users exactly where you want them to go and let them stay there and take action without them even thinking about it. 

4. Showcase Authenticity 

A good design is honest. It does not make your business seem more innovative or powerful than it really is. It also does not attempt to manipulate the consumer with promises that cannot be kept. Consumers these days are savvy, they can see through shallow marketing jargon and they want and expect brands to be real. Cliches and vague marketing copy won’t help you connect with consumers. Position your brand as a voice of authenticity by providing information that has value and communicates the humanity behind your brand. 

5. Have Good Content 

Having an effective copy for every small detail on your website will help you as a brand and a business, be transparent and communicative with your audience. Your copy needs to be short and crisp and easily understandable by everyone. You also need to have strong and eye-catching CTAs to persuade consumers to buy your brand’s product or service. 

6. Responsive Design 

Responsive design means the design of a website/webpage that fits well with all the smartphones, computers, laptops or any display devices irrespective of their aspect ratios. An aspect ratio is the height and width of a display device. All users today want a mobile version of the website. It is the duty of the designer not only to design that website for a bigger screen but also focus on the smallest screens too. 

7. Fast Loading Page Speed 

Last but not the least, you need to ensure that your loading page speed is fast. Users hate it when a website takes more than a few seconds to load no matter on a desktop or on a smartphone. You should ensure that the designs and every element of your website will load fast to make your customers stay on your website. 

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