9 Essentials for Running Successful Email Campaigns

Staying connected with your customers is crucial to growing your business. You’ve probably tried tools like social media to build those relationships further. However, if you’re not doing email marketing – you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. Email marketing is a cost-effective solution that gives you the power to reach customers in a place most people visit every day which is their inbox. 

1. Set Specific Goals 

Before creating any marketing campaigns, you need to establish goals. Why do you want to send out emails? How many conversions do you want from email marketing? Do you want to send out newsletters, welcome or onboarding emails, or new blog post notifications? Today, you can get a lot of data from emails and that allows you to create a very strong email marketing strategy. Make use of those tools to help you determine whether you’re achieving your goals or not. 

2. Don’t treat your contacts like names on a list, treat them like people.

When someone joins your email list, it means that they want to learn more about your business. Others may be completely new to your business while others may be loyal customers who want to stay updated with everything you have going on. Segment your subscribers so you can send them valuable emails depending on where they are in the customer journey. This way for new customers, you can send informational emails and for long-time customers, you can focus on generating sales and rewarding them with special offers. 

3. Create short but impactful subject lines. 

The subject line is the strongest way to create an impression on your subscribers. Be specific and direct when it comes to your subject lines. Don’t promise anything on your subject line and then disappoint your subscribers when they open the email for not giving them what they expected. Make it more personalized by including their name in the subject line to keep them engaged. Remember to also avoid spam trigger words such as ‘free’, ‘million dollars’, ‘amazing cash bonus’ etc. 

4. Use a compelling call to action. 

Never let a customer’s attention span go to waste – tell them directly what you want them to do once they’ve read your email. Be clear, concise and compelling with your call-to-action, so you create a sense of urgency behind your message. 

5. Engage your audience with the content you write. 

Once you’ve figured out what your email contacts are looking for in your email marketing – you need to create content that they will find engaging. Creating great content can be a bit challenging but once you’re able to create one – you’ll be able to expect good results. We suggest you start creating a well-thought-out content plan, a list of reliable and relevant content sources and a commitment to knowing your audience. Your customers will be your best source of content ideas. Pay attention to what they are saying and the questions they are asking. 

6. Timing and frequency is everything.

Timing and frequency of emails are crucial when considering an email campaign. Do some research on the best times to send out an email. Others recommend sending emails on a Monday morning where everyone surely checks their emails. However, we recommend sending one on Tuesday mornings instead to ensure that your emails don’t get mixed up with other important emails such as staff meetings, work-related emails and more. Weekends are also a great time to send out emails since customers will have more time to check promotional emails. 

7. Test, test and test. 

All clients have slightly different inbox layouts or designs, therefore, every email campaign you create should have a responsive design to make sure it looks good on any inbox and device. Send test emails to friends and coworkers who can check your email for typos and give any feedback on the layout and content. 

8. Measure your email campaigns. 

The key to successful email marketing is making use of the analytics and data you have. No matter what CMS platform you use, you’re going to get valuable insights and reports about your email campaign performance. Analyzing the data you have will help you understand what’s working and what’s not, what emails your customers open and don’t, and so much more. 

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