Digital Marketing: Importance and Benefits For Businesses

Digital Marketing has become an integral part of every company especially in this day and age. The onset of COVID 19 has accelerated what was a gradual shift into an inevitability. With the continuous advancement of technology, digital marketing is crucial for a business to strive and succeed. 

We at Parachute specialise in providing excellent digital marketing in Dubai. Here’s our guide to help you understand what digital marketing is. 

First of all, what is digital marketing all about? 

Digital marketing refers to any marketing efforts through the Internet and the use of digital channels such as social media platforms, emails, websites, search engines, and mobile applications. 

What’s the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing is done in offline channels like printed media such as magazines and newspapers, billboards, TV, and more. On the other hand, digital marketing is all done online. 

The Importance of Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing in Dubai is undoubtedly important for a business to succeed in the city. Why? Dubai is known as the top World Business Hub. With millions of businesses out there, it will be impossible for people to hear about a particular business without digital marketing.

Through digital marketing, businesses can reach a larger audience and target users who are interested in their products and services. Brands will also be able to build their online presence and engage with customers at the right time and right place based on their online behaviour. 

Digital Marketing Benefits for Businesses in Dubai

Do you ever ask yourself, “What can digital marketing do for my business?”. Well, we’re here to tell you that digital marketing can do ALOT for your business. 

1. Brand Awareness

Dubai has 9.73 million active Internet users. With the help of digital marketing, you will be able to reach millions of people. Of course, it depends on the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. If you need help with digital marketing in Dubai, Parachute is here for you. Why choose us? Other companies adopt digital marketing, we were born there. We’d love to get in touch. 

2. Conversion

Brand awareness is not enough to succeed as a business in Dubai. You need to be able to convert those people who are aware of your business into customers. With digital marketing, you can personalize your message to every individual to target and convince them to purchase your products or services.

3. Loyalty

Loyalty is what Digital Marketing is all about. With the right CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing) strategies and tools, you will not only gain customers but gain their trust and loyalty. Customer loyalty ensures that your business will continue to strive no matter what. 

4. Lower Cost

A well-thought and well planned digital marketing campaign can help you reach a large number of people at a much lower cost than traditional marketing. For example, placing an ad in a newspaper in Dubai can cost up to 500-1,500 AED. While posting a targeted and personalised ad on Facebook can cost up to 200 AED per day with an estimated reach of up to 53,000 people in one day.

5. Measurable

With web analytics and other online metrics tools, you will be able to easily track the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns and adjust accordingly. Such web analytics and online metrics tools will also provide you with detailed information about your customers’ behaviour, demographics and more.


Want to reap the many benefits of digital marketing? Contact us and we’ll help you get started.

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