Pinterest: The Platform You’ve All Been Missing On

Have you ever asked yourself: should my business be on Pinterest? What would be the benefits of Pinterest for my business? A lot of people are on Pinterest to find inspiration, new things to try, and answers to their problems. The beauty of Pinterest is that people search for topics they’re truly interested in and they are ready to take action. Here are 6 reasons why your business should be on Pinterest. 

1. Pinterest drives tons of traffic. 

Ten million unique views is not chump change. If you rely on your website to gain customers, you need to have a good strategy when it comes to lead generation. Pinterest is a great tool for increasing your backlinks and driving more traffic to your website. Research shows that Pinterest has the power to drive more traffic than Facebook. 

2. Pinterest has refined its shoppable storefront. 

If your brand offers consumer products, Pinterest should be one of the first platforms you need to consider this 2022. Today, Pinterest  allows you to shop your pins and any content you saved on your board within a few simple clicks. We highly recommend posting high-quality product images and creating your storefront on Pinterest. This will allow you to catch the attention of your audience and allow them to shop your products with ease. If your brand doesn’t offer any consumer goods, you can still take advantage of Pinterest by sharing a link to a case study of the services you offer. Doing this will allow you to drive traffic back to your website and promote your services on the platform. 

3. Pinterest humanizes your brand. 

By engaging in social media marketing, you’ll be able to humanize your brand. Pinterest allows you to get creative with your marketing efforts and lets your customers see the real you. You can have fun with Pinterest by featuring pins from customers and even sharing content from your blog. Being active on Pinterest will give people a feel for what your company is which will make you more relatable. 

4. Pinterest allows you to engage easily with users. 

Pinterest may not have as many active users as Facebook and Instagram but it is still one of the major social networks in terms of monthly active user count. Pinterest, unlike other social media sites, is not focused on followers. Pinterest users are keenly interested in what’s  trending, a behavior that translates well into the kind of influencer marketers desire to attract. Furthermore, Pinterest users aren’t just visiting the site, they are actively engaged in taking actions such as saving images and clicking-through. 

5. Pinterest increases brand authority. 

Aside from engaging with users, Pinterest allows to gain brand authority by showcasing related content from outside sources that you use or reference in your daily business life. You can post any images whether educational and relevant information such as product features, social media marketing tips and so much more. When you do this, you’re increasing your website backlinks which will signal Google that your website is relevant and has a strong authority. 

6. Pinterest helps you find out what your audience is interested in. 

Every business is driven by understanding and catering to the needs of their customers. By being on Pinterest, you will get to see what your target audience is interested in and trends in your industry. This will allow you to identify gaps in your product or messaging proposition. 

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