Google’s Recent Updates Combatting AI-Generated Spam in Search

Artificial Intelligence

Whilst AI is bringing in lots of benefits to all aspects of the online world, it is also fuelling online spam in ever increasing volumes, in March 2024, Google made some significant changes to it’s search policies to try to combat this. I asked Grok to write an article on this, see the results below. […]

The Importance of Data in Digital Marketing

No matter what industry you’re in or your business size, data has a huge impact on your marketing strategy. Marketing analytics and data play a large role in strategizing your way forward as a business.

5 E-commerce Trends To Watch Out For in 2022

The E-commerce industry in Dubai is evolving rapidly – there are always several new trends that come up that can help your business grow and compete with your competitors. Since the global pandemic, we have witnessed how global E-commerce sales stood at a gigantic $4.3 trillion in 2020 (Statista). We believe that in 2022, E-commerce […]

6 Easy Ways To Prepare for Post-Cookie World

Google has announced that it will deprecate third party cookies by the end of 2023 due to security and privacy reasons. Now what? If you’re a digital marketer, advertiser, or business owner, you probably already know that this will reshape the future of digital marketing.  What are third-party cookies?  To put it in simple terms, […]

How To Improve Bounce Rates

Embedding videos on websites can reduce the bounce rate by up to 11%. People spend an average 2.6x more time on websites that have videos.