The Impact of 5G on Digital Marketing

In the last year, 5G technology has become a hot topic as it was set to change digital technology as we know it. The 5th Generation Wireless Network brings with it impressive data speeds and latency rates, but what does this mean for the future of digital marketing? Below are some key impacts of 5G technology on digital marketing. 

The benefits of 5G technology have been shared time and time again. This technological development will be changing the world in so many different ways, but for this article, we will be focusing on the impact of 5G technology on digital marketing. 

1. AR and VR Will Take Over 

The 5G technology is supposed to be 100x more efficient along with effective consistency that will push AR and VR in digital marketing big time. As of now, very few organizations have been able to optimize the power of these two, but as soon as 5G will come into existence worldwide, the boom of AR and VR is definite to give its users the best experience. 

2. Video Proliferation

More speed and near-zero latency are a dream come true for campaigns that feature video content at their core. Marketers will be able to offer beautiful HD videos that load instantly, resulting in improved view-through rates for the brands and a less obtrusive feeling for online users. User-generated content will proliferate as it becomes easier to shoot videos on mobile devices, enhance them with professional effects and upload them in a wink for everyone. It will be exciting to see how video-based platforms such as YouTube and TikTok will evolve and what kind of collaborations will be possible with influencers and what the next generation of social networks will look like. 

3. Personalization 

Data collection under 5G is likely to improve rapidly. It often takes time to find out about your customer. You might not have the ability or resources to track down tons of data or load multiple analytics reports. But people want their personalization. 

These issues could be fixed with high-speed connections and wireless internet. Plus, with 5G, competing internet providers will be launching faster Wi-Fi, so there should be less lag time however you connect to the internet. 

4. Real-Time Analytics 

Thanks to 5G, edge computing, data collection and processing will no longer be slow, heavy and centralized and tedious. 5G will make it happen in milliseconds directly at each point, facilitating real-time analysis, decision making and response automation. On the other hand, this massive data collection will help digital marketers get to know their audiences better, find out extremely specific information about them and segment them more precisely. 

5. Improvements on Security 

Although 5G is not automatically free from the weaknesses of its predecessors, its design is being developed with these vulnerabilities in mind, and therefore, according to stricter standards. Additionally, measures are already being taken to protect and secure the information sent via 5G networks. Just a few examples are already being taken to protect and secure the information sent via 5G networks. In the 5G era, e-commerce platforms will have new network security guarantees and your customers will be able to make transactions on a relatively safe, stable and reliable network. 

6. Increase Mobile eCommerce 

According to Adweek, 70% of consumers say connected processes, such as contextualized engagement based on earlier interactions are very important to winning their business. For mobile eCommerce, that means your brand needs to market to consumers where they are and use the precise targeting 5G allows. With 5G offering more accessible and pleasant mobile experiences, it’s no surprise that these consumers will turn to online shopping from their phones. Especially in the wake of 2020, mobile eCommerce is a digital marketing step your brand won’t want to miss. 

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