The Importance of Having a Clear Brand Personality

Just like us humans, brands also need to have a personality to be able to stand out and connect with people. So what is a brand personality? A brand’s personality is what shapes the public perception of a brand based on how it acts, what it says and what it looks like. Here are a few of the many reasons why having a clear brand personality is important. 

1. Differentiate Your Brand From the Competition 

A distinct brand personality can make your brand appear to stand out from your competition. You can make your brand appeal to youth by inferring personality traits like carefree or spirited. Let’s say you own a sports brand – your competitor’s will surely offer similar products such as athletic shirts. But by addressing different personalities, these same products will now be more appealing to varied audiences. 

2. Spread Brand Awareness 

One can achieve a great brand experience through a unique brand personality. It will help you create memories besides recognition. These form the base of brand awareness. It not only involves spreading awareness about your brand in the new prospects. But it also includes the existing consumers. It will help them choose your brand every time it shows up besides recognising it. 

3. Design Brand Guidelines and The Marketing Programs 

It helps to figure out and intricately decide the brand guidelines and the overall architecture of the brand like where should be the logo placement, the color shades of packaging boxes and more. Additionally, the promotional and marketing programs have to be in tandem with the brand character as it helps in deciding which promotional channels and tools to opt for that are in line with the character and the overall architecture of the brand maintaining the consistency. 

4. Form Emotional Attachments with Consumers 

When it comes to shopping for any product, the deciding factor, for most people, is emotions – whether they know it or not. Many people might think that the qualities and reviews of the product would be the most important aspect of the purchasing process. However, studies have shown that 95% of all purchasing decisions are decided through subconscious aspects. That means there are feelings that even the consumer themselves are not aware of that have an overwhelming influence on which products they buy and which ones they do not. 

5. Tells Your Brand Story 

Your brand personality will help you tell your brand story. The personality characteristics you choose to focus on must be rooted in your larger brand strategy. Ask yourself, what do you stand for? How do you do business differently than your competition? What do you contribute to your customers? Answering these questions will help you build a brand story that customers will be able to relate to. 

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