Top 5 Benefits of Email Automation

Email marketing has been around for a long time now. Even with such widespread use of social media, email communication still holds its place. Every company has been involved in some kind of email communication but not a lot of companies know the benefit of email automation. In this article, we’ll discuss the top benefits of email automation and why you should give it a try. 

1. Reduce the potential for errors. 

If you currently have one person writing and sending emails to new leads, then there’s a high chance a mistake can happen. Getting somebody’s name wrong is a cardinal sin – it’s right there in the email!

Making spelling mistakes or hitting send prematurely can cause the email recipient to have less trust in your company. It shows a lack of interest and attention to detail but with email workflows, they can be proofed and checked over and over before you put them live.

2. Efficient workflow

One of the first desires and benefits that probably comes to mind is efficiency. Email automation meets this need by keeping your sending workflow consistent and simple. If you automate an email to be sent to all of your new customers, you’re saving time by creating and sending one email instead of ten, one hundred, or one thousand individual ones. Because of that, you have more time to focus on other aspects of your email program, and keep your users happy via effective email messages. 

3. Ability to segment contacts

Email marketing automation is a powerful tool that allows you to narrow down a specific list of contacts based on their interactions with your business. There are several different ways to segment each contact: through their profile information, where they live, age or gender and much more. You can craft specific messages and campaigns through email automation based on how each contact engages with your business and their demographics. 

4. Makes marketing efforts scalable 

When you send out an email series manually, the size of your employees may affect the number of customers that you can reach. Would you be able to stay on schedule if your customer base suddenly doubled in size? What if it tripled? 

With email automation, customers automatically integrate into your system as soon as they perform any of the actions that you track. Their behaviour tells your system what messages to send them next without any additional demands on your limited time. 

5. Cost saving 

This almost goes without saying. With email automation, you’ll be saving man hours which means you’re saving money. You don’t need a massive sales team making cold calls all day long with a low ROI. You don’t need additional admin teams ensuring emails are being regularly sent out. With automation, you can save your time for more relevant tasks and an opportunity to invest less in a greater return on time investment. Simple email automated workflows are an investment to save you a lot of money. 

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