5 Best Ways to Run A Successful Social Media Audit

A social media audit is defined as the process of evaluating one’s social media health, from a business standpoint, before finding ways to improve it. This process help business owners understand what they’re doing well on social media and discover where they should focus their efforts moving forward. Social media audits are among the most common services that social media marketing agencies provide to improve the social media wellness of their clients. Here are the 5 best ways to run a successful social media audit. 

1. Wrangle all of your existing social media profiles 

First of all, you need to take inventory of your social profiles. This might seem like a no brainer but you should also consider your social profiles beyond big networks like Facebook and Instagram. We’re pretty sure there’s a few social media accounts that you probably haven’t touched in years such as YouTube or Pinterest. This first step will help you uncover opportunities that are a perfect fit for the unique features of networks you’ve been ignoring.

Once you have all your current social profiles listed, the next step is deciding which platforms you want to focus on. Chances are you’re already aware of your priorities but a proper social media audit can be an eye-opener in terms of which profiles are actually your top performers. 

2. Evaluate each account for brand integrity 

Have a deep look at each profile to ensure they are all consistent with your current brand style guidelines. This includes your profile and banner images, hashtags, copy, brand voice, URLs and more. Here are some key areas to evaluate for each social account. 

  • Profile / Cover Images – make sure your images reflect your current branding 
  • Bio – does your bio explain what you do clearly and concisely? 
  • Username – are you using the same username across all channels?
  • Links – does the URL in your profile go to the correct landing page? 
  • Pinned Posts – Are they still appropriate and up-to-date? 
  • Verification – Is your account verified and if not how can you get verified? 

3. Follow up on your goals and metrics to check your progress 

Overall, how is your social profile performing? Have a look back at your past goals and check the following metrics: 

  • Followers – Has your audience grown over time? You can use tools like Meta Business Suite or Google Analytics. 
  • Posting Frequency – Is there any correlation between how often you post and how your audience grows? 
  • Engagement – Dig into how many conversations you have every week including direct contacts, likes, shares, comments, etc. 

4. Set new goals and make a plan

Now that you’ve determined the state of your social media profiles, decide what you want to improve. Also, consider what is already going well so you could better capitalize on it. Those goals should be more than just growing a following. Your social media goals should be about how social media can benefit your business including increasing brand awareness, engagement and traffic to your website. 

5. Getting It Done 

When completing a social media audit, comprehensive documentation and ample time are key. Don’t underestimate the time or resources that you’ll need. After putting in your due diligence and with the results of your analysis in hand, you’ll want to do three things: create clear and easily-shareable reports that detail the most important findings and share them with your team to develop a fresh plan for your social media. 

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