6 Tips to Grow Your Ecommerce Business in 2022

We live in a very competitive industry today which is why it’s more difficult than ever to grow an ecommerce business. There are no shortcuts when it comes to success but we have tried and tested a lot of ecommerce strategies and we have discovered what works and what doesn’t. Here are a number of ecommerce strategies you need to use in 2022 to grow your ecommerce brand in Dubai. 

1. Leverage Social Commerce 

Customers in Dubai spend an average of 3 to 4 hour daily on social media apps. Therefore, you need to be on social media to capture their attention if you really want to grow your ecommerce brand. Marketing your products on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and more will increase awareness and will attract customers to buy from your brand. The thing is anyone can use social media but not everyone knows how to use it correctly. To be able to stand out on social media, you need to keep an eye out for the latest trends, join in, and interact a lot with your followers. 

2. Get the Word Out 

You need to have a consistent brand message. Create marketing content that connects with your customer at all points of their journey towards making a purchase – whether that’s awareness, consideration, and their final purchasing decision. All the content you create should be easy to understand so customers can get the most out of it. If you really want to sell your products, don’t force it on your customers. Instead, analyze your current data and identify the needs of your customers. When you develop content that resonates with your customers, you’ll be able to build a meaningful relationship with them and help you grow your business faster.

3. Use Google My Business

You’ll be surprised to know how many ecommerce businesses out there don’t use Google My Business. If you aren’t using Google My Business, you’re going to miss out on so many growth opportunities. Google My Business is a free page where you can display prominent information about your business. You know when you search for a product and you a business with a cover photo with an accurate address, email and phone number, that Google My Business. Google My Business will allow you to get discovered more easily by customers whenever they search for a product your brand offers.

4. Identify Trends and Create a Buzz 

If you want to grow your ecommerce business quickly, you need to look for ways to pique the public’s interest and develop exciting materials centered around the latest trends. The trick to remaining ahead of the game is to increase your social media activity. Once you see a  viral trend that can be used to market your product, join that trend immediately. If you want to create a buzz or go viral, boost the frequency of your postings and make your content more relatable and fun. Content that goes viral is usually unplanned, so don’t stress and enjoy the process of creating content for your brand. 

5. Watch Your Competitors Closely 

Tracking your biggest competitors is a must. When you track your competitor’s strategies, you’ll be able to stay ahead of them. Go to their website and see what products they are selling, check their most popular products, their strengths and weaknesses and more. One pro-tip for tracking your competitors is to subscribe to their newsletters. This way, you’ll be updated whenever they have new products, new promotions, and learn so much about their marketing strategies. 

6. Remove Friction from Your Checkout Process

Friction is one the biggest challenges for most retailers, especially as we move into the mobile age. You need to make your checkout process so simple and easy that anyone could do it. To sell more products, you have to ensure that your visitors won’t get frustrated, abandon their carts and leave your site to find another store. 

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