How Chatbots Can Be Beneficial for Businesses

Today, chatbots have been crucial for different businesses. A tech research firm called Garter found that about 70% of white-collar workers will interact with conversational AI platforms such as chatbots to get instant solutions for their concerns.

So what are chatbots? 

Chatbots are artificial intelligence (AI) programs that can mimic human conversation or chat through messaging interfaces. These interfaces include websites, mobile apps and messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat and Viber. Below are some of the many benefits of investing in Chatbots. 

1. Increase Customer Engagement 

We can’t deny that chatbots can help businesses take customer engagement to the next level. By using conversational AI chatbots, engagement can be driven based on the user data and made more interactive. 

Not only that, bots can be trained to deliver consistent answers which can help you avoid dishing out irrelevant information to customers. If you’re able to provide relevant and quick responses, customers will have a reason to stay longer on your site and maintain the conversation. 

2. You’re Available 24/7 

Compared to traditional customer service, your chatbot is available around the clock. With a chatbot, you will be able to support your customers even on weekends and late at night. A chatbot will not also be limited to a specific number of requests. A good bot can easily process multiple questions all at the same time. You can also set up a setting where you can hand over the conversations your chatbot receives to a human employee via a live chat during working hours. 

3. Resolve Problems Smarter and Faster 

Chatbots shorten the wait time by answering user questions in a flash. They collect insights about customers and their needs, helping your team reduce resolution time. 

4. Humanizes Your Brand 

Chatbots offer flexibility like no other. You can set your chatbots to engage customers on a whole host of different levels. This means businesses can use it to help people with technical support, sales, information or account management. You can also program chatbots to have a personality that suits their role, such as an affable tech helper or quirky sales associate. 

5. Monitoring Consumer Data & Gaining Insights 

Yes, chatbots are great tools to communicate with customers. With the feedback they collect through simple questions, you can make improvements on your services/products and even optimize your website by adjusting low converting pages. Chatbots can be highly beneficial for tracking purchasing patterns and consumer behaviors by monitoring user data. 

6. Generate Leads Through AI Chatbots 

Lead generation might not be an actual function of an AI Chatbot but it has proven to have the potential for the same. The leads generated by AI chatbots have a much higher transactional intent. This is because customers tend to willingly share their personal details along with their requirements with chatbots. 

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