Instagram Marketing Tips For Business Growth

With over 700 million active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there that has the potential to reach customers and help you grow your brand. In this short article, we’ll share five tips on how to grow your brand using Instagram. 

1. Post at the Right Time. 

If you want to grow your business, you need to ensure that your posts are seen by your followers. Therefore, you need to post when your audience is active. Since Instagram shows the latest posts at the top, older posts are quickly going to get lost. Everyone’s followers are active during different times. Therefore, it is best to research and check your follower’s online behavior to know when they are most active during the day. However, as a starting point you can try posting at 11AM on a Wednesday and 10AM on a Friday since studies show that a lot of Instagram users are online at this time. 

2. Add an Instagram Shop to Your Account

Instagram Shopping tools are a must-have for any eCommerce business. When people are interested in a product or brand, they usually visit Instagram to research about it. Therefore, it would be beneficial to add Instagram shopping on your account to make it easier for your customers to make a purchase. Instagram shopping allows you to create a fully shoppable product catalog directly on Instagram, as well as tag and link to products in your posts and stories. 

3. Have a Consistent Look 

Today, almost all businesses are on Instagram which makes it harder to stand out as a brand. This is why it’s important to have consistent Instagram themes. Having an Instagram theme will make your content more consistent with your brand and aesthetically pleasing which customers like seeing. This will also make your brand easily recognizable by establishing a familiar look online. 

4. Use Strategic Hashtags 

Hashtags are important when it comes to Instagram. Hashtags are used to track the content that users are looking for. Therefore, if you want your hashtags to work then you need to do proper research and use them strategically so that more users can find your posts during their search. We suggest including 2-8 hashtags that are exclusively relevant to your specified target audience and opt for location-based hashtags. 

5. Hop on Instagram Marketing Trends Fast 

Similar to TikTok, Reels come and go quite quickly. If you want to grow your business then you need to hop on Instagram trends before it becomes old news. Take a few minutes each morning to scroll through Instagram Reels to see what people are sharing. Is there anything that seems to consistently pop up – a particular audio? Dance trend? If so, click on the audio to see how many other creators have used the audio and scroll through the videos to get an idea of what the trend is. 

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