Marketing Opportunities in the Metaverse

You probably already heard the news last 28th of October from Mark Zuckerburg that Facebook is rebranding into Meta. Technology has been rapidly growing and shifting and we believe that Meta – a unique, immersive virtual environment will soon take over the marketing industry. 

Meta is expected to reboot digital marketing as it allows us to offer extreme engagements between brands and consumers. Just imagine the experiences you can give customers when you allow them access to a virtual universe where they can interact with friends, go shopping, attend events, and engage with other everyday activities. We can’t deny that the metaverse will soon become the most prominent advertising platform we’ll ever have. 

Over the past few years, many brands such as Coca-Cola, Warner Bros, MTV, Nike, and Sephora have already started to create ‘metaverse advertising campaigns’ by using AR and VR experiences. We believe that every brand needs to have a metaverse strategy. This is the time to use new technologies such as VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), and AI (artificial intelligence) to create meaningful and immersive digital experiences. 

Several brands have already started to advertise in virtual reality games such as Fortnite, New Horizons, and Roblox. In-world advertising seems to be the latest and rising trend where customers will be able to see ads that appear in a virtual world. Gucci seems to be the first brand to try this new trend by releasing digital collections of its signature clothes, handbags and other goods in the game Roblox. Verizon also brought the Super Bowl stadium to Fortnite and gave players the chance to meet avatars of NFL players. This has been a great way to advertise the Super Bowl in a meaningful and fun way. Procter and Gamble also launched a ‘My Skin, My Way’ campaign on Animal Crossing by creating a more realistic skin type for avatars featuring freckles, acne, stretch marks, cellulite and psoriasis. Balenciaga also designed a video game called Afterworld and used it to debut its fall 2021 collection.

As you can see, brands have already started to create campaigns that will surely be a hit in the metaverse. We believe that this is the time to experiment as a brand to develop digital marketing that makes an impact. Immersive experiences are now key to successful marketing and advertising. We have now moved beyond traditional advertising towards creating brand experiences that are less invasive and more immersive. We expect every age group, from the younger generation to the older generation, to become engaged in the latest innovations.

Some brands believe that building entire worlds can be costly and time-consuming. It’s also still early to talk about the precise impact of Meta on marketing and advertising. However, we believe that by starting to research, experiment, and learn now, we will be able to build a solid and long-term strategy that will allow us to conquer the metaverse. 

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