UX Design: Definition and Key Benefits

What is UX Design? 

UX which stands for User Experience focuses on the design that creates meaningful and compelling user experiences. To give you a better understanding of UX. Let’s compare UX design vs. UI design. 

UI (User Interface) design focuses on the aesthetics of a website. This includes website color themes, fonts, graphics, animations, etc. 

UX is all about meeting the needs and wants of each user. This includes creating a website that loads fast, has relevant content, easy to navigate through and so much more. These elements lead to great customer experiences which is the main purpose of UX. 

Top 7 UX Design Benefits.

Peter Morville’s User Experience Honeycomb is a classic demonstration of why UX design is important. 

Image Source: Medium.com


UX design allows you to provide useful and relevant content to your customers. Online users don’t like wasting time. It’s important that you immediately provide what users are looking for.


All the pages on your website must be easy to use and navigate through. With UX, your website will be more efficient and intuitive for each user. 


UX design has been proven to build brand identity, increase brand awareness, and build a positive relationship with users. Not only that, but UX can also evoke users’ emotions to make them choose your website over others. 


UX design improves your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings. SEO allows you to become more visible on Google’s Search Results page. This means users will easily locate your website when they search for a product or service that your business offers. A combination of UX and SEO leads to more website visitors, customers, and higher ROI.


UX design makes your website accessible to everyone. Have you ever thought about users with disabilities? By working with a UX specialist, you’ll be able to identify ways to make your website more inclusive. 


UX design is critical to show credibility. Most users scan through a website before making any purchases. UX allows you to enhance your website, making it more engaging and trustworthy.


Overall, UX design makes a website valuable to customers. This leads to customer loyalty and customer retention which will significantly increase your website ROI. 

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